We are seeking full-time, district-wide, floating substitute teachers for the coming school year.


Your sub (or PEL) license will need to be registered with the I-KAN Regional Office of Education. The I-KAN Regional Office's address is 1 Stuart Drive, Kankakee IL 60901 and they can be reached by phone at 815-937-2950.


Once registered, we will need a copy of that packet of paperwork provided by the ROE.  


In addition to the copy of the ROE sub paperwork packet, our district's Substitute Teacher paperwork packet is on our district website www.hcusd2.org under About Us/Job Board. You may drop off completed packets to any of our buildings or mail to 501 N Main Street, Herscher IL 60941 Attn: HCrane.


Once all documentation is complete and your sub file is in compliance, the schools will be notified of your availabilty to sub.

At this time, subs are still called personnally by building personnel.


If you hold a PEL license, you may sub for either a teacher or a paraprofessional (teacher's aide).

If you hold a SUB license, you may sub for either a teacher or a paraprofessional (teachers's aide).

If you happen to hold a PARA license, you may sub for a paraprofessional (teacher's aide) only.

If you hold a STS license, you may sub ONLY for a teacher. For individuals with an STS licensure, an in-house training must take place prior to being able to sub. To schedule this required training, please call Pete Falk, District Curriculum Director at 815-421-5010. 


Our district currently has four student attendance centers:

     Bonfield Grade School - Grades PreK-1

     Herscher Intermediate School - Grades 2 -4

     Limestone Middle School - Grades 5 - 8

     Herscher High School - Grades 9 - 12


Feel free to indicate if you have a building preference. 


Our current rate of pay for substitute teachers is $100/day. 

Long term subs (i.e. covering for a maternity leave) are placed on the 1st year teacher salary schedule, per current Collective Bargaining Agreement, after 10 consecutive days worked through the end of the continuous days worked. Our current Collective Bargaining Agreement can be found on our district website www.hcusd2.org under Community Info Page.


Should you have any questions, you may contact Heather Crane via email at craneh@hcusd2.org or at 815-421-5012.


Thank you for your interest in our district!