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Crossing Guard (425)

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TitleCrossing Guard
Posting ID425

Crossing Guard @ Herscher Intermediate School


Reports to: Building Principal



1. Be able to communiate and work cooperatively with parents, students and staff.

2. Deomonstrate aptitue or competence for assigned responsibilities and a willingness to learn
    new skills.

3. Demonstrate a desire to provide safety for children.



1. In cooperation with the administration, establish rules and orderly procedures to assist
    students through traffic areas.

2. Under the direction of administraction, is responsible for the safety of the children corrsing
    through traffic areas.

3. Be punctual and consistent in performance of daily duty.

4. Report student violations of rules and procedures to the administration.

5. Report public vehicle violations to the administration or police.

6. Be observant of traffic patterns at times of student crossing.

7. Get to know the students crossing and their behavior.

8. Perform all other duties as assigned.


Shift TypePart-Time / School Year
Salary RangePer Hour
LocationHerscher Intermediate School

Applications Accepted

Start Date02/07/2021
End Date08/17/2021

Job Contact

NameBrett MillerTitlePrincipal